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Sunday, 22 July 2018

How To Earn by Blogging | Earn Money Online

How To Earn By Blogging | Online Earning


How to Earn by Blogging:

As mentioned in my previous Article four best ways to Earn money online, in this I am going to describe and explain first and best method to Earn Online which is Blogging. Are you interested in writing? Are you a good writer? Are you a good content composer? Do you love writing? Is your English or any language good? Are you specialist in some niche? Then this Article is for you and you can Earn a lot of money by Blogging.
I am not going to discuss here everything that how you can create your blog because I have already explained that for you, just visit the link below to know how you can
Create your own blog free.
After creating your blog, you need to apply good theme to it related to your niche for example if your blog is related to Health then you have to choose template or theme accordingly. Next step is to upload content on your Blog.

Add Content to your Blog:

Now if you have created your blog, it is time to upload content on your Blog. You have to write Article which should be Search Engine Optimized. It is better if you include pictures and videos in your Article because it will get your Article more engagement and your bounce rate will be low. Bounce Rate is the action that viewer take when it visit your blog and immediately click the back button without reading your Article. I have already written some Articles for you how you can Add Pictures and Videos on your Blog. Visit the link below to have a look:
Now I hope you got all the points related to 
1. What skills are needed for Blogging?
2. How to create a Blog?
3. How to Add content to your Blog? 
Remember that your Article should be Unique, SEO and minimum of 500 to 1000 words. If you want some professionally written article for your blog you can also use freelancing websites like Fiverr and Freelancer, there are a lot of professionals there and you can hire them.
I will recommend you that you use one <h1> and two <h2> tags if you are writing article of length 500 to 1000. Also use keywords in your Headlines related to your topic.

Best Way to Earn Money by Blogging: 

There are many ways to Earn Money by Blogging but before thinking of making money make sure that you have Added 20 to 30 Articles on your blog and your blog is getting a good Traffic. If you started getting 100 to 200 traffic in your first three months you can think your Blogging is successful. Never stop putting content on your Blog because your blogging efforts will be wasted. Keep updating your blog regularly. Don't ever think that you will be a successful blogger quickly because it takes time to happen good things. Every successful blogger you will see has put efforts and time in his blogging. You can take example of a popular Blogger "Harsh Agarwal", he started blogging and continuously struggled with his different blogs and now he has most popular Webstite Shoutmeloud related to Technology. So my advice to you is that do continuously efforts and be patient. Let'us talk about the ways you can earn money.

1. Adsense: 

Once your blog is set up and start getting a good traffic, then it is time to apply for Adsense. Adsense is Google platform which dsiplay Ads on your blog and in return give you money. If you have a google account it is very easy to apply for Adsense. I will make a separate Article on Google Adsense. just make sure that you have minimum 20 SEO articles before you apply for Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing:

You can earn online by Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing means to Earn money by selling someones product using your special link known as Affiliate link. But the issue is once you get your affiliate link of your product how will you promote it so people will click on affiliate link and buy that product so that you can earn commission. Blogging solves this problem, if you have a blog on Health and Fitness niche, you can sellect affiliate products related to Health and Fitness category and can promote the products link on your blog. You can use banners on your Blog to display your product and link it with your affiliate product. I will discuss more about how to earn online by Affiliate Marketing in one of my next articles.

3. By Selling Backlinks: 

Actually this method to earn by blogging is not for beginners because backlinks from a new blog having a very low DA and PR are not valuable. Once you blog is popular, having a good traffic, good ranking on search engines, good Domain Authority and Page Rank then you can sell backlinks to other small bloggers or to the bloggers whom blogs have low DA and PR. 
There are a lot of methods using which you can earn money by blogging but I focused on these because of the beginners. For beginners, these three methods are best for starting career as a blogger and to boost them as an ongoing blogger. Step by step every method will be dicussed. To get updated subscribe to my blog so you will get latest updates. For any queries comment below freely. Thanks




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