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Friday, 7 July 2017

3. Work with Patience:

Friends, before starting this work I want to tell you that if you think you will become a rich man by PTC sites in weeks then you have nothing in this field. If you want to earn you should work regularly and with patience. In this type of work if you are working on the free standard account then legit sites will pay you from 0.0005 to 0.01$ for watching ads which are not enough to become a rich man in weeks.

But if you work with consistency then you can earn 2 to 5$ in less or more a month. Now by using this money you can buy the Golden or Premium membership which will give you more chances to earn e.g more high paying ads or more chances to win in Grids or more surveys.
My advice to you is that visit your account on PTC sites regularly, Watch ads regularly, Avail all the chances in Grids of every site (Grandbux, Cliquesteria, Cliquebook), avail adprizes if you are working on Neobux. Shortly avail all the chances to win on every PTC site. Once you reach your amount to buy Premium or Golden membership, buy it and increase your earnings fast.

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  1. good suggestion for beginners. keep it up