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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Referrals Earning

There are many PTC sites which pay their customers or members on regular basis. There are different methods of earning using these sites. I have mentioned legit PTC sites on my website you can join by visiting link given below.

PTC sites offer different methods to earn money. A member can earn money by:

1) Watching Ads
2) Surveys
3) Completing Tasks
4) Adprize
5) Referrals


Most adopted way to earn money using PTC sites is through referrals. Referrals are the members which are signed up using your signup referral link. A link is provided to every member which is used for signing up other people. More people signup using your referral link, more you will earn.

How referrals work to earn money:

If you want to earn money referrals are the best method to earn. When somebody signup using your referral link and if he/she works on PTC sites. By working with that person you are credited commission. Different PTC sites have different commission percentages of referrals.

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