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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Create Account in Fiverr:

Hello, dear friends

I am gonna tell you how you can create an account on Fiverr. It is very simple. Just follow simple steps in order to create a Fiverr account.

Steps to create a Fiverr account:

1. Go to the Fiverr official website which is
You can also go to signup page by clicking on the Fiverr image.

2. Click on Join.
3. Now a window will appear asking for your email id. Write email ID on which you want to create a Fiverr account. Remember that you can only one account on Fiverr so choose the right email account at first.

4. Now Click on Continue.
5. Now choose a username you like. Username has no significant effect on Fiverr account as such, write password that has good strength and you can easily remember. In case if you forget the password you can again get from your email ID you provided.

6. Clicking on join you will agree to terms and conditions of Fiverr and your account will be created. The main point in terms and conditions of fiverr is that you cannot make two accounts with the same ip address. If you make two accounts and fiverr knew that your both accounts can be closed. I ssuggest that one account is enough because you can place seven gigs on your new fiverr account and that are more than enough to me.

7. Now I have already an account and I don't want to create a new account. So if there is any form and you are finding difficulty to fill then you can ask me freely.

8. After creating an account there are somethings on which you have to be careful. I will tell you about those things.

Remember if you have more than one accounts and Google know about this then your both accounts will be blocked. So be careful. There are some methods with the help of which you can use two accounts and I will discuss them later.

9. After creating Fiverr account choose a  photo for your profile in which you look decent, good looking and professional because it has a great impact on buyers.

10. Write a beautiful and eye-catching about you like "Believe in Quality" or "Never stops learning" or "My work is my passion". You have to write something like that short and meaningful that attract buyers.

11. Now talk about Description. The description is a very important block on your profile.It has a great impact on your profile. Buyers at first read your description and judge you. So write your description very carefully and wisely. I suggest you don't copy others in this regards. Create a beautiful description on your own. Write about yourself, your skills and your achievements in the description. Get some ideas from others sellers description but don't copy others. If someone is finding difficulty in writing a description can contact me. I will write description for him/her free of cost.

So, guys, this was a brief discussion on how to create a Fiverr account and Fiverr profile which will be attractive and definitely bring orders to you very quickly.


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