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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Fiverr An Earning Platform:


Fiverr is the worlds largest Platform where you can show your skills and earn from your skills. You can sell your skills at an affordable price so one can use your skills. There is two type of people who use Fiverr:

1. A person who wants to sell his skills and can earn money is called seller. The minimum amount in which a person can sell his skill is 5$. Fiverr charge 20% of Earned revenue as commission. For Example, if someone earns 5$ by completing a task then Fiverr will charge 1$ from it and seller will get 4$. Similarly 2$ on the 10$ project and so on.

2. The second type of Fiverr users is that person who wants to get their job done. These users are called Buyers. Buyers pay to sellers to get their job done.
Fiverr is so easy method to earn money that even an illiterate person can also earn money using this platform. Nowadays it is difficult to find a person who doesn't know about Fiverr. Fiverr is very extended and largest marketplace which is providing almost every type of service. Business on Fiverr is increasing day by day. More and more gigs have been placed on Fiverr and buyers are increasing at the same rate. So if you have any skill then what are you waiting for? Start Earning Online.I will tell you everything about Fiverr that what services Fiverr is providing and how can you catch orders creating a gig on Fiverr. So just keep visiting my blog and subscribe. For any queries ask me freely.

My Fiverr Experience:

I created my Fiverr account on 2017 but I use it rarely because some people said me that Fiverr is useless and nobody gives the order to the new seller until you invest some money in particular things. What are these particular thing? These are reviews to take by some other Fiverr users by paying them. I trust those people and left my account as it is. After some days guys will you believe I got my first order of 10$. I completed that order and earned 8$+2$ (commission of Fiverr). Do you know why I got the order because my gig was complete and perfect? The buyer was interested to give me a task after watching my gig. What else reason would be beside this? Even I didn't spend money to get fake reviews. After that day I started earning from Fiverr with my skills and found that it is the easiest way to earn money if you got some skills. If you don't have any skill then try to develop some skills it is not difficult. I will provide you some courses. By watching those courses you will definitely get some skills and will start earning a handsome amount. I will also help you to get your first order more quickly by giving some tips. So just follow me. I will teach you from start to end. I will provide you videos and pics related to fiverr. Watch them learn Fiverr.


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